Cookie Cutter Girl

JULIAN is Cookie Cutter Girl, 21st Century
Pop Superhero, packing "Girl Power POP" with a PUNCH!
CCG is freeing women everywhere from the mold
in which society holds them captive! "Are *you* a
'cookie cutter' girl... or did you break the mold?"
A one-of-a-kind force to be reckoned with, CCG is
breaking the mold of the female pop star on over
500+ TV & RADIO STATIONS & 30+ CDs Internationally!
"Nashville's version of Fiona Apple," ROLLING STONE.

Cookie Cutter Girl is a modern day Cinderella Story,
updated with an Afterlife Advisor, a Magic Guitar
and Perky Pets! This is the TRUE STORY of JULIAN,
a young woman in crisis, who discovers her own
inner strength ... and a Superhero alter ego too: Cookie Cutter Girl! She gathers the strength, or GIRL POWER, within every woman she helps, in the form of PINK ENERGY RAYS, shooting them at her enemies to fight the injustices of the world. Julian co-wrote issue #1 of the comic book with the "Queen of licensed children's books," Justine Fontes (DISNEY, DREAMWORK)
and it will be produced by Sonic Comics' Ron Fontes,
the ex-Art Director for Marvel Comics.

Julian layers GIRL POWER LYRICS over POWER POP MELODIES that will be STUCK IN YOUR HEAD for hours," CDBaby.com. Girl Power POP with a PUNCH delivered by a
f emale empowerment icon.
These are true tales delivered
by a shy singer/songwriter turned GIRL POWER GODDESS.
"PowerPuff Girls Meet KISS at CBGBs!" Pat Horgan Talent.

Look out boys ... this Guitar Rock with GIRL POWER!
Go to CookieCutterGirl.com today and
hear what everyone is buzzing about.


JULIAN is also an award winning "GIRL POWER POP"
singer/songwriter. The songstress lived in NEW HAVEN, CT.
until age 10, then was raised in Maine, and currently resides in the Boston, MA area. See the "AWARDS" & "DISCOGRAPHY"
pages for a complete list of all JULIAN's honors.
Hire her today
for music to motivate you! As a multiple song contest winner with
a degree in Jazz & Contemporary Music, JULIAN has released
3 of her own CDs and her music has been featured on 30+ CDs.

'JULIAN' shares her truly unique perspective through refreshingly provocative, and often comical, lyrics. This is thinking person's pop music! Her GIRL POWER LYRICS are all based on true stories and layered over POWER POP MUSIC that will be "stuck in your head for hours." (CDBaby.com)

After earning her degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music, Julian jumped into the local music scene of Central Maine singing cover songs and playing Conga drums for the popular duo,
"Sunday Driver," and the classic rock band, "Out of Bounds."

Tragically, when her duo partner, mentor and best friend, Bob Bachand, passed away unexpectedly in Dec. 99', she could
play no more. So, she made her first attempts at expressing herself through writing her *own* story and putting it to music.
For 3 years, Julian looked within' herself and became the
emotional songwriter that we know today.

2003 found Julian performing with the band "Jane Loves Maine" featuring comic songstress, Jane Burke.

2004 brought the formation of Julian's cover band, "Broke the Mold," and the recording of her first SOLO CD.

2005 saw the release of JULIAN's CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl,"
and her original band, "POP SUPERHERO." You can find them spreading their endless pop energy all over Maine and Massachusettes. This year also brought the birth of Julian‘s
GIRL POWER Superhero alter ego, Cookie' Cutter' Girl,
who DEFINITELY speaks for herself.

JULIAN's award winning "GIRL POWER POP" has now
been heard on
Hire her today for music to motivate you! As a multiple song
contest winner with a degree in Jazz & Contemporary Music,
Julian has successfully released 3 of her own CDs
and had her music featured on 26 CDs Internationally.

. "Cookie Cutter Girl" is her Super Hero alter ego.
"Girl Power Society" is her International Girl Power Movement.
"Be a Hero"
is her daily Girl Power & Music BLOG
and her monthly Girl Power & Music newsletter.
"Pop Superhero"
is her Girl Power Pop band.

Julian can be seen on "No Hit Videos," as a guest CO-HOST & PERFORMER, and on "Evolving Artist Television," and
"Musicians of Maine," which both play her LIVE VIDEOS.
Julian also writes a FREE monthly newsletter,
"Mega-Deals for Musician Lovers."


Artist: Lynn 'JULIAN'
Alter Ego: Cookie 'Cutter' Girl
Website: CookieCutterGirl.com
Title of CD: “Cookie Cutter Girl”
Style of Music: Power POP with a PUNCH!
Mission: Guitar ROCK with GIRL POWER!
Label: Cookie Cutter Records (Self Produced)
Publisher: Cookie Cutter Publishing (Self Produced)
Manager: Frank Douglas
Email: Booking at CookieCutterGirl.com
Addresses: BOSTON, MA