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How old were you when you started writing songs and how many years have you been writing and performing?

Technically, I've been writing songs my entire life ... I simply never wrote them down. *smile* I walked to school daily, and had a paper route at 4:30AM as well. I would sing to myself to pass the time, and calm my nerves, as I delivered the papers alone in the dark. I would hum melodies I made up out of thin air, and then add words to them. Unfortunately, noone ever told me this was "songwriting," so I never wrote any of them down.

My first music partner, back in 1993, was recording a CD and asked me to write a song for it. When I replied sheepishly that I didn't know how ... he laughed at me! (In a friendly way, shaking his head and grinning knowingly.) He then enlightened me that *anyone* can write songs ... and he was right! I went straight to work and wrote my first blues tune the following morning, which he recorded for our first CD, "Potholes and Speedbumps." For clarity's sake, I do NOT mean to invalidate great songwriters. Anyone can write songs and anyone can sing them ... I did NOT say they could all do it equally as well. *wink*

Who were your major influences with your music?

I am influenced by, and indebted to, every women before me that dared to open a previously locked door, allowing all us girls who followed to get through. I believe in the power of people to change the world ... one person at a time. It is my dream that Cookie Cutter Girl will be remembered for open doors someday ...

Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Superhero, fights for women's right NOT to live their lives as *they* see fit, rather than within the narrow confines of the rules that society has laid out for "women." They can “break the mold” and be whoever they want to be – professionally, personally, sexually ... the potential is limitless. I want women to feel secure in being a source of support for each other, instead of feeling forced into competing with each other for men, jobs, and security. Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Superhero, is fueled by the Girl Power of every women before her that dared to open a locked door, and held it for all women to push through. I believe in the power of people to change the world ... one person at a time. It is my dream that Cookie Cutter Girl will be someday by remembered for opening doors ...

How would you describe your music?

"Girl Power Pop ... with a PUNCH!" There's definitely a LIZ PHAIR / LINDA PERRY ATTITUDE to the whole ROCK OPERA that is "Cookie Cutter Girl" the CD! It's LIZ PHAIR's bold sexuality and confidence with CHRISTINA AGUILERA's powerhouse vocals! Other similar artists are: AVRIL LAVIGNE, MICHELLE BRANCH, KELLY CLARKSON, MELISSA ETHRIDGE. My musical influences are: ELVIS COSTELLO, LIZ PHAIR, LINDA PERRY, THE DONNAS, SHANIA TWAIN (CD production)

How many CD projects have you finished and are you working on or have any future project in the works?

I released an "Upbeat Folk" CD with my duo, "Sunday Driver," back in the late 90's. I released my Power Pop CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl" AND my Comedy/Holiday CD, "Ham for the Holidays," in the winter of 2005. Currently, I'm working on another Power Pop CD full of female empowerment music AND another comedy CD as well.

What special honors or awards have you received over the years in your music career?


*2005 + 2006 "#1 Most Booked Artist" on SONICBIDS
*2005 + 2006"#1 Most Viewed Artist" EPK" on SONICBIDS
(SonicBids features 60,000 Artists!)
2006 Nov "Featured Artist" on Indie Grrl
2006 Oct "HALL of FAME" AWARD for "Jenny"
from eaTV + ENGAGE Radio NEXT CAT!
in the SONG of the YEAR CONTEST
2006 Sept "Featured Artist" on NEXT CAT!
2006 July "Arena Winner" on Mixposure
2006 July "Featured Artist" on Summer Song Music
2006 June "Featured Artist" on SAVVY TV
2006 May "Featured Artist" on I MUZIC
2006 Mar+Apr "Artist of the Month" on Garo Entertainment
2006 Apr "Featured Artist" on Indie Artists Alliance
2006 Mar "Featured Artist" on Music Forte
2006 "Performing Member" of Indie Grrl
2006 Feb "Featured Artist" on SonicBids
2006 Feb "Featured Artist" on Indie-Music
2006 Feb "Featured Artist" on Net Shows
*2006 Jan "GET THE PICTURE" honored in
"Top 100 Pop Songs" in BILLBOARD Song Contest
2005 Nov "Artist of the Month" on Indie Guitarists
2005 Jun "Artist of the Month" on Love To Sing
2005 Jul "Artist of the Month" by The League of Rockers
2005 + 2006 "Elite Member" of Go Girls Music
*2005 "Ham For The Holidays" received HONORS
in the Great American Song Contest
*2004, 2005, 2006 ASCAP PLUS AWARDS

What is your favorite venue to perform live and why?

I prefer larger venues to smaller, intimate ones. When there are only 25 people, and they're right up close and personal, I get MUCH more nervous! When there are 250, and they're off in front of the stage, I feel separated enough to express myself without fear. Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Superhero, gets her Super Strength from all the people she's helped. The more people CCG sings to, the stronger she gets, and the more new people she can in turn help. I actually feed off the energy of the crowd and feel myself growing stronger from the positive vibes they are sending to the stage. *That* my friends, is better than ANY drug known to man!

What music organizations are you affiliated with?


When you are writing songs do you pull from personal experiences?

*ALWAYS!* ALL my songs are based on true stories that either happened to me ... or someone I met on my journey. *NEVER* tell a songwriter anything you don't want to hear on their next CD. The world is our muse and everything in it is fair game for inspiration!

Do you write songs pulling from headlining news or events that are around you? If so how easy or hard is it to create songs expressing what you feel about these topics?

I have occasionally written a song from world events, but not often. I cannot force writing, so I *have* to be inspired by something to take pen in hand. Most of my songs are about people, not events. One exception is "Jumper," off of my "Cookie Cutter Girl" CD, which was inspired by 9/11. Each of had to deal with this tragedy in our own way. Many of us expressed our anger in song. I get a little bit more off my chest everytime I sing it. Music is the cheapest therapy in the world!

What does it mean to be "Indie" to you?

"What is Indie?" Hmmmm ... Where have I heard that? *wink* That is a GREAT MOVIE. If you haven't yet seen it, and purchased your copy, I highly recommend that you do so! It's insightful, inspirational and educational for all "indie" musicians ... and tax deductible too! *smile* To me, being "Indie" means wearing a LOT of different hats, so to speak. I'm not simply a "musician..." I'm also a Publisher, Promoter, Webmaster, Producer, Publicist, Graphic Designer, etc "Get the Picture?"

Do you own your own record label or publishing company or plan to do that in the future?

I currently run 6 companies ... but I don't recommend everyone bite off that much at once!

CookieCutterGirl.com (Webmaster, Began 9/11/2003)
Cookie Cutter Records (President, Began 9/11/2004)
Cookie Cutter Publishing (President, Began 9/11/2004)
Power of Pink Promotion (President, Began 9/11/2006)
Velvet Chokers (President, Began 9/11/2003)
Tiaras, Chokers & Dresses ... OH MY! (President, Began 9/1998)

What advice can you give to someone who is just starting to market themselves in the Indie music market?

Stay Hungry and Support Other Women! DON'T perceive them as competition, but look to them for support. Men have always had advantages over us, simply by being men. Does this mean you should just have meetings to talk about equal rights? NO! Don't just be a woman of strong words. Be a woman of strong actions too. YOU have to want to succeed more. YOU have to work harder. I do NOT compete against others, only against myself. I want to do a better job than *I* did yesterday! Find strength in uniting and supporting your fellow artists. Don't fear or oppress them as "competition." I truly believe in the concept of Karma: everything you do WILL come back to you!

To network with other women, you can join our International Girl Power Society, Yahoo Group and VIDEOS at CookieCutterGirl.com. For my fellow artists, I've also compiled a FREE MUSIC DIRECTORY full of useful links organized by category. Be sure to bookmark it, as I update it weekly, so you won't miss out on the latest opportunities for "indies." I'm just in the process of building a new page for Musician's Resources, such as the "Indie Bible," which Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Superhero is honored to be featured on the cover of for 2007. Indie Grrls can get a head start on the competition and get *their* 2007 copy NOW at: http://www.IndieBible.com/jul

How involved are you with your recording projects?

I am *completely* involved in EVERY aspect of the recording process. I'm in the studio for every recording, and production, of every track. I write the songs, record rough demos and sketch out what I'm looking for with the engineer/co-producer. Then I write rough "hooks" and parts for some of the musicians I hire and attend EVERY recording session of EVERY instrument, to communicate with the players and assure the parts are played as I intended. That is not to say that I don't welcome there input, because I certainly DO want each player to make each part "their own." There are SO many decisions: guitar sound, pedal sound, special effects ... these things are left up to the individual. Next, we mix the parts in as they're recorded. Each one changes the feel of the piece and, sometimes, leads to rerecording parts we already thought were done! Finally, the production, which, for me, takes longer than everything else combined. There are NO right answers to how a song should be produced. You have to trust your judgment on whether some little note, hook, instrument, adds or takes away from the overall piece. Often times, with more than one producer, the opinions differ and this can create tension in the studio, which is the downfall of productivity AND creativity. An artist *MUST* feel safe to speak their mind freely, without fear of retaliation, in order to see their vision brought to life. Studio squabbles effectively undermine your confidence about the important, and difficult, production, mixing and instrumentation choices you are making. To avoid this, try to choose a studio that has already been successfully used by another artist you know and trust.

What instruments do you play?

I work primarily with a full "Pop Superhero" band now:

Lynn JULIAN aKa Cookie Cutter Girl: Lead Vox/Rhythm guitar,
SM 58 Cordless Mic / Minarik "Inferno" Guitar / Alvarez Silver Anniversary Edition Acoustic-Electric Guitar /
S.I.T. Strings / In-Tune Guitar Picks / Fender Electric Amp / Crate Acoustic Amp

The Friekman: Lead Guitar, Fender Guitar & S.I.T. Strings

Pat Callahan: Bass, Ken Smith Bass & GHS Boomer Strings

Ray Ray: Drums, Tama Drum Kit, Sabian Cymbals & Vic Firth Sticks

What are your main goals for 2007
and in your music career as a whole?

We just returned from our 1st NACA CONFERENCE and are planning a college tour in 2007. We are currently being courted by several agences with contracts we're considering, but are keeping our options open at least until 2007. As our last BIG HURRAH before we sign anything, we are giving away FREE V.I.P. PASSES to EVERY COLLEGE THAT BOOKS CCG for our 2007 college tour! The FREE V.I.P. PASSES include: 6 BACKSTAGE PASSES, 6 TOUR BUS PASSES, 6 ON STAGE PASSES, SIGNED T SHIRTS, SIGNED CDS & PHOTOS of *YOU* and the POP SUPERHERO BAND posted on our official website!

My plan is to use the publicity we garner for Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Supehero, to bring National attention to women's issues such as domestic violence, eating disorders and the medical conditions, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), that can result from them. We are in the process of researching grants and government funding available for projects targeted at female empowerment and women in crisis. Our goal is to distribute the CDs and Comic Books to schools and crisis centers across the USA to help educate and empower young women. I would give up everything to have Cookie Cutter Girl live on long after I am gone.

What does Indiegrrl mean to you?

As a Indie Grrl 'Performing Member,' I reap the benefits of belonging to an International living resource for Indie Musicians! Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Superhero, has a mission of 'Strength Through Unity' that is clearly reflected in Indie Grrl. Say it loud. Say it proud. "*I* am an INDIE GRRL!

Is there anyone you would like to thank that has helped you along in your career or in the music industry as a whole?

I'm *always* thankful to every fan who requests, and every DJ who plays, my songs on the radio ... THANK *YOU*! The one person who deserves 90% of the thanks though is currently acting as my manager: Frank Douglas. He is my best friend, and is giving 110% of his spare time and energy to introduce Cookie Cutter Girl to the world. I honestly don't know where I'd be right now without his generosity of time, spirit and sponsorship. "Doug" is truly an angel and I am eternally grateful that he found me on the Internet. KARMA has blessed me, again ...


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